Reflections on Apics 99

Memorial University of Newfoundland
October 22-24, 1999

During the first twenty years of Math/Stats Apics Competitions, students from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics won nine times, more than any other school. Here, Dr. H. S. Gaskill, Head of Mathematics/Statistics, is shown receiving the plaque, now retired and replaced by a new one, from Dr. Karl Dilcher, 1998 Competition Committee Chair.

Bruce Shawyer explains to Watson that the problem was elementary.

Bill Langford spoke about World Math Year 2000.

The special session ``Trends in Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems'' was a great success and, occasionally, a good place to sleep.

Dalhousie placed first in the math contest. That's Jacky Pak Ki Li on the left with Ian Caines. Ian is graduating this year, so next year the rest of us will have a chance again.

Memorial, with the team of Jerome Terry (centre) and Shannon Sullivan (right) placed second. That's an excited Andy Foster on the left with his proteges.

The programming contest this year was FIVE HOURS! Not only were there survivors, but even winners! From St. Mary's, the team of Cedric Davies, Roger Zhang and Cherno Jagne came first.

And the team of Landon Boyd, Christy McBean and Chris North, from Dalhousie, came second

Cedric Davies from St. Mary's gave the best paper in the Student Paper Session. Paul Gillard (left) didn't compete, and he looks happy about this!

Now that the contest is over, we confess that the judges in the Computer Science paper contest were Patricia Evans of the University of New Brunswick and Todd Wareham of Memorial.