May 8-16 2015
Hack-A-Week + Microsoft IoT Discovery Day
Students. Teachers. Everyone.

8:30 am: Registration and Breakfast.
9:30 am: Introductions.
10:00 am: Microsoft Tutorial
11:00 am: Microsoft Tutorial (cont) + Teacher session 1
12:30 pm: Dockside Cafeteria - Microsoft Sponsored Lunch.
1:30 pm: Idea pitching, tech demo. + Teacher session 2
2:00 pm: Microsoft Tutorial Pt. 2. + Teacher session 2
3:00 pm: More demos, pitches, resources.
Full shedule details.

Keep hacking away! Let us know how you're doing at @smuhackathon.
Be sure to check out the Microsoft resources at Colin's website.
Don't forget to register your hack before Friday.

9:00 am: Registration and Breakfast
9:30-11:30: Round 1: Every team presents to select judges
11:45-12:30: Luncheon
12:30-1:30: Round 2: Finalists present in Sobey 4th floor
2:00 pm: Awards ceremony begins

This year, on the opening day of the Saint Mary’s University Hack-A-Week, Microsoft is hosting their first IoT Discovery Day! Learn how to build the Internet of Things (IoT). We provide the hardware, the software, and the training. You bring the ideas.

We even have a track just for teachers to help them learn how to help current and future students thrive in a tech world.

More details on the Microsoft IoT Discovery Day.

Here is a sneak peak at some of our prizes for top contestants. There are lots more gadgets and even internship positions from SimplyCast!

Note: Teams cannot win hardware prizes from both Microsoft and SMU.
First Place Second Place Third Place
High School 2 iPad minis 2 Android tablets 2 Chromecasts
2 $2000 admission scholarships to SMU
(Total $4000)
2 $1000 admission scholarships to SMU
(Total $2000)
2 $500 admission scholarships to SMU
(Total $1000)
University and Open 2 iPad minis 2 Android tablets 2 Chromecasts
2 $600 scholarships (Total $1200)
Microsoft Student 2 Surface 3 Tablets 2 HP Steam 7 Tablets with Office 365 Personal 2 Intel Compute Sticks
Microsoft High School 20 Microcontroller kits and extra sensors 10 Microcontroller kits for school of team 5 Microcontroller kits for school of team
"The Hack-A-Week event at Saint Mary’s University gives student participants practical hands-on experience, and demonstrates how our post-secondary educational institutions connect with the business community to create valuable opportunities for students. Students walk away with real world experience that they can apply in their future career paths."
"This event will give young developers valuable experience that will lead to opportunities in the digital economy" ...Read more
Colin Melia - @Colinizer
Get Ready document [pdf]
Tutorial files and resources

Students and teachers can get a DreamSpark code by requesting one (using your school email address) from
Anyone participating in the completion – not just students – who wants up to $100 of credit for 1 month to use on ALL Azure services, can ask for 1 Azure pass for their team. Please email to request an Azure Pass with your team name, team member names and school/company name

Games / Unity / Ouya - Joel Kuntz - SMU Student
Web / Databases - Glavin Wiechert - Streamlyne
Git / Server / Python / Async - Dawson Reid - Streamlyne
Linux / Hardware Support - Andrew Valencik - SMU Faculty
Daniel Penny - Lixar


Simply Cast

ISL Digital Marketing

Go Instant
Nova Scotia Labor and Education

Based on emerging hackathon culture the Hack-A-Week is a platform for students of all paths to get together and learn from each other. You can find out more about hackathons on Wikipedia

We encourage the use of any language or platform without restriction. Want an extra challenge? Do your hack in a new language or platform.

We will inspire you with sample problems to do, however there is no restriction if you have something else in mind.

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