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Call for Papers

The 2013 Joint Rough Set Symposium (JRS 2013) is a joint conference of the RSCTC 2013 and RSKT 2013. RSCTC is a main biannual conference of the International Rough Set Society. It is an outgrowth of a series of annual International Workshops devoted to the subject of rough sets, started in 1992. The aim of RSCTC'13 is to show case the state-of-the-art in rough set theory, current computing methods and their applications. It intends to bring together researchers and practitioners from universities, laboratories and industry, to facilitate dialogue and cooperation. RSKT'13 is the 8th in a series of annual conferences on rough sets and knowledge technology. Its aim is to encourage academic and industrial interaction, and promote collaborative research and developmental activities in rough sets and knowledge technology worldwide. JRS'13 will provide a large forum for researchers and practitioners interested in rough set theory, computational intelligence, and knowledge technology.

Topics of Conference :

  • Foundations of Rough Sets
    • Bayesian Rough Sets
    • Calculi of Approximation Spaces
    • Covering-based Rough Sets
    • Decision-theoretic Rough Sets
    • Dominance-based Rough Sets
    • Game-theoretic Rough Sets
    • Near Sets
    • Probabilistic Rough Sets
    • Rough Sets in (Dynamic) Networks of Information Systems
    • Rough Granular Computing
    • Rough Mereology
  • Rough Sets in Data and Knowledge Processing
    • Adaptive Approximate Reasoning about Knowledge (Adaptive Judgment)
    • Interaction of Knowledge Sources
    • Ontology Approximation
    • Interactive Rough Granular Computing
    • Rough Sets in Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition
  • Hybridization of Rough Sets with Other Approaches
  • Mining and Processing Big Data
  • Applications of Rough Sets
  • Knowledge Technology issues (related to such topics as acquisition, adaptation, autonomous behavior,
  • discovery, granularity, interaction, quaility, reasoning, management, representation, self-organization, processing)

Call for Tutorials

Proposals for 90-minute tutorials are also invited on relevant topics. Tutorial proposals less than 5 pages long are invited that identify the intended audience and give enough information to give a sense of what will be covered.

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