Web Programming and Internet Technologies: An E-Commerce Approach (second edition)
Porter Scobey and Pawan Lingras
Published by Jones & Bartlett Learning
Errata in the Text Itself (last updated 2017.03.12)
Chapter/Page Location Correction Finder
Chapter 1/p16 Exercise 10, second sentence should end with a period, not a question mark TGutnick
Chapter 4/p100 First sentence in section 4.6.2 "Table 4.2" should be "Table 4.3" TGutnick
Chapter 4/p154 Exercise 12, second line "r-display" should be "re-display" PScobey
Chapter 8/p329 line 6 "sligtly" should be "slightly" TGutnick
Chapter 10/p473 Lines 38 and 39 of the code in Figure 10.39
$gotoRetry = "../pages/shoppingCart.php?
should be changed (in the website script as well) to
$gotoRetry = "../pages/shoppingCart.php?".
Note: The "continued string" is OK with PHP, but comes off the rails when it gets to the browser.
Errata in the Power Points (last updated 2017.11.02)
Chapter/Slide Location Correction Finder
Chapter 1/slide 8 title "Transport" should be "Transfer" TGutnick
Chapter 1/slide 9 title "Transport" should be "Transfer" TGutnick
Chapter 1/slide 16 first bullet point "HTML 5" should be "HTML5" PScobey
Chapter 2/slide 6 second dashed bullet point "- Available bandwidth (upload and download speeds may vary considerably)"
should be
"- Available bandwidth (upload and download speeds) may vary considerably"
Chapter 3/slide 2 first bullet point "HTML 5" should be "HTML5" PScobey
Chapter 3/slide 2 fifth bullet point "HTML 5" should be "HTML5" PScobey
Chapter 3/slide 4 last bullet point "HTML 5" should be "HTML5" PScobey
Chapter 3/slide 30 image "iStock" still visible PScobey
Chapter 3/slide 30 jpg image The "iStock" watermark is still visible and should be removed. PScobey
Chapter 3/slide 31 8th line from bottom "was created .../p" should be "was created ... </p>" PScobey
Chapter 3/slide 42 first bullet point "set up" should be "be set up" PScobey
Chapter 4/slide 2 last bullet point "HTML 5" should be "HTML5" PScobey
Chapter 7/slide 33 end of the function definition The closing } is missing. PScobey
Chapter 8/slide 2 dashed item under third bullet point "numerical and" should not be italicized TGutnick
Chapter 8/slide 6 bullet point 4 "processes" should be "process" TGutnick
Chapter 8/slide 39 second dashed point "sligtlly" should be "slightly" TGutnick
Errata in the Zip File of Source Code Containing the Complete Nature's Source Website (last updated 2017.10.17)
Chapter/File Location Correction Finder
href value of the Contact Us link is incorrect "about.html" should be "contact.html" AFerguson
href value of the (external) link to the BMI info on the
National Institute of Health website is no longer valid
The valid link (at least as of 16Oct2017) is this:
This, of course, is just life on the web: links sometimes change and sometimes die.