March 8th, 2012 New version: Epic Lander v1.05

  • Framerate independant physics, game now runs at same speed as it runs on my dev PC
  • Gameplay tweaks (Difficulty)
  • Added README.TXT
  • March 4th, 2012 Epic Lander v1.0!
    Had a great time making this game at the 2012 Halifax Game Jam! Used the Relativity Engine with some graphics and music from other in progress games I was writing with the engine. I was a group of 1 for this event, but luckily some people from other groups were able to help me out with sound and art.

    Many thanks to:

  • Zamaster (Christopher Brown) - Music
  • Fabien Becgeron - SoundFX
  • Robert Orisdelle - SoundFX
  • Stievebro - Art