Latest Demo:
"Relativity: Rescue The Colours" - A FreeBASIC game for the FreeBasic Games Directory's Rescue The Colours competition. Relativity is a spaced based action-rpg. Uses an engine made specifically for this game, which utilizies among other things; OpenGL for graphics, Chipmunk 2D for physics, and SpiderMonkey for JS Scripting.
January 10th 2012 Difficulty patch
Has been patched. You'll loose your save game, unfortunately. Download:

January 10th 2012 First Mission is Here!
It's finally out. A lot more time than I expected, but most of the framework is laid down now, and I don't exepct to be late on the competition deadline. This is the first mission, plus the start of the second. Check back again before the end of the month, I may release another demo before the final release.


December 28th 2011 First two missions coming up...
Check back next week for a demo containing the first 1-2 missions. Will be the first demo with actual gameplay.
December 28th 2011 New Demo
Added a new demo;
December 28th 2011 Website Up
Website is up, not going to back log to add content, but new updates will be posted here.