CIAA 2013 Accepted Papers

Janusz Brzozowski and David Liu. Universal Witnesses for State Complexity of Basic Operations Combined with Reversal
Eric Balkanski, F. Blanchet-Sadri, Matthew Kilgore and B.J. Wyatt. Partial Word Automata
Andreas Maletti. Hyper-Optimization for Deterministic Tree Automata
Andrzej Kisielewicz and Marek Szykuła. Generating small automata and the Cerny conjecture
Fevzi Belli and Mutlu Beyazıt. Using Regular Grammars for Event-Based Testing
Akim Demaille, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Sylvain Lombardy and Jacques Sakarovitch. Implementation Concepts in Vaucanson 2
Patrick Henry and Géraud SÉnizergues. LALBLC a program testing the equivalence of dpda's
Daniel Prusa, Frantisek Mraz and Friedrich Otto. Comparing Two-Dimensional One-Marker Automata to Sgraffito Automata
Thomas Genet, Tristan Le Gall, Axel Legay and Valérie Murat. A Completion Algorithm for Lattice Tree Automata
Pierpaolo Degano, Gianluigi Ferrari and Gianluca Mezzetti. Towards Nominal Context-Free Model-Checking
Frantisek Mraz and Friedrich Otto. Lambda-Confluence is Undecidable for Clearing Restarting Automata
Stefano Crespi Reghizzi and Pierluigi San Pietro. Deterministic counter machines and parallel matching computations
Yo-Sub Han, Sang-Ki Ko and Kai Salomaa. Approximate Matching between a Context-Free Grammar and a Finite-State Automaton
Md. Mahbubul Hasan, A. S. M. Sohidull Islam, M. Sohel Rahman and Ayon Sen. On Palindromic Sequence Automata and Applications
Eva Maia, Nelma Moreira and Rogério Reis. Incomplete Transition Complexity of Basic Operations on Finite Languages
Mathieu Caralp, Pierre-Alain Reynier and Jean-Marc Talbot. Trimming Visibly Pushdown Automata
Oscar Ibarra and Bala Ravikumar. Some Decision Problems Concerning NPDAs, Palindromes, and Dyck Languages
Aloïs Dreyfus, Pierre-Cyrille Heam and Olga Kouchnarenko. Enhancing Approximations for Regular Reachability Analysis
Natalia Kushik and Nina Yevtushenko. On Length of Homing Sequences for Nondeterministic Finite State Machines
Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher, Carlo Mereghetti, Beatrice Palano and Matthias Wendlandt. Input-Driven Queue Automata: Finite Turns, Decidability, and Closure Properties
Houda Abbad and Eric Laugerotte. COMPUTING WEIGHTS
Dmitry Chistikov and Rupak Majumdar. A Uniformization Theorem for Nested Word to Word Transductions
Tom Sebastian, Denis Debarbieux, Olivier Gauwin, Joachim Niehren and Mohamed Zergaoui. Early Nested Word Automata for XPath Query Answering on XML Streams
Klaus Sutner. Invertible Transducers, Iteration and Coordinates
Markus Holzer and Sebastian Jakobi. More Robust Than Thought---Brzozowski's Minimization Algorithm
Jozef Jirasek and Galina Jiraskova. On the Boundary of Regular Languages
Niels Bjørn Bugge Grathwohl, Fritz Henglein, Lasse Nielsen and Ulrik Terp Rasmussen. Two-Pass Greedy Regular Expression Parsing
Tomohiro I, Takaaki Nishimoto, Shunsuke Inenaga, Hideo Bannai and Masayuki Takeda. Compressed Automata for Dictionary Matching