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This certificate is intended for high school teachers, and junior high school teachers, who wish to improve their mathematical background. It is approved for teaching licence upgrading in Nova Scotia by the Minister's Advisory Committee on Teacher Certification.

A new regulation may make this certificate easier for teachers who already have some university mathematics courses.


The certificate program consists of ten half-credit courses in mathematics and related subjects; and is somewhat comparable in content to a minor in mathematics. The default courses are (as of March 2007):

This list is subject to change; and some variation in individual programs may be permitted by arrangement.

All courses in the certificate program must be passed with a grade of C or better.



Department of Education regulations used to forbid any course that had ever been used for teacher certification credit from being taken again as part of an upgrading program. However, recent (June 2004) changes in regulations now permit up to 40% of such a program (here, 4 half courses) to consist of retaken courses that would normally form part of the program, provided the university is satisfied that the teacher would benefit, in the sense of becoming a stronger mathematics teacher, from retaking these courses.

For instance, a teacher whose university mathematics exposure was restricted to first year calculus twelve years ago, or who passed that course with a D, would probably benefit from retaking the course. On the other hand, a teacher who has an honours degree in mathematics and has been teaching it at the high school level for much of the time since then would probably not need to retake courses.

Students who think that they may wish to take advantage of this option should speak to the Department of Mathematics and Computing Science before choosing their courses.


Under special circumstances students may obtain permission to transfer credits from another institution. Under no circumstances, however, can more than 2.5 such credits (five one-semester courses) be transferred. Moreover, no course that has already been used towards a B.Ed, towards a degree used to gain admission to a B.Ed. program, or towards a previous license upgrade may be transferred; this does not change with the new regulations (see above).


Most of the "basic" courses in this program are available in the evenings or in the summer. The number of courses that are available at these times will vary from year to year. (Students should be aware that many courses available as substitutes are more likely to be offered during daytime hours.) If there is sufficient demand, it may be possible to offer courses at times and/or places designed specifically for the convenience of students in this program.


For registration:
Admissions office, Saint Mary's University,
Phone: 420-5415;
Email: admissions@smu.ca

For more information about the program:
Department of Mathematics and Computing Science, Saint Mary's University,
Phone: 420-5784;
Email: mathcschair@cs.stmarys.ca

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