My research interests include machine learning and deep learning, with an emphasis on music, audio processing & creative applications.
I also work as a musician.


Brief Biography

Sageev Oore is a faculty member in Computer Science at Dalhousie University (Halifax), a Research Faculty Member at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Toronto), and a Canada CIFAR AI Chair. He is interested in basic research in machine learning and deep learning, with particular focus on applications of deep learning in audio and music, and computational creativity. He recently spent a year and a half as a Visiting Scientist in Google Brain (California), where he worked on the Magenta team developing generative music systems such as PerformanceRNN. He is also an award-winning musician; as a pianist he has performed as soloist with orchestras both as a classical soloist and as an improviser. Sageev studied piano performance with music teachers from Dalhousie, Juilliard, and UBC. He completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics (Dalhousie), and MSc and PhD degrees in Computer Science (University of Toronto) working with Geoffrey Hinton.