I am a Human-Computer Interaction researcher and an associate professor in the Department of Math and CS at Saint Mary's University.

My research focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of digital tools that support creative tasks.

The areas of my research interests include Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Child-Computer Interaction (CCI), Digital Creative Tools, and Multimodal Interaction Technologies.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from Dalhousie University and my MSc in Math and CS from Saint Mary's University.


Design and Evaluation of Educational Technologies for Post-Secondary Courses

Video and Image Analysis Tools

Supply Chain Process Management and Visualization

Gamification of E-Commerce Software UI

Multi-view Multimedia Authoring Environment: a new environment for supporting multimedia authoring tasks
MVMA incorporates the Interactive Task-Viewer (ITV), which adds contextual information about the authoring task at hand and supports users perform complex multimedia authoring tasks.

PlaceAndPlay: Music Creation Tool for Young Chilidren
PlaceAndPlay features an intuitive music clip activation method and multimodal interaction techniques to allow young children (3-6) to interact with digital music.

Learning to Synthesize Arm-Motion to Music by Example
An ANN is trained on example data sets of hand animation and music. The trained network is then used to create new animation that matches a new set of music.

Controlling High DOF Character from Reduced Dimensional Space
A dimensional reduction algorithm is first applied on the high DOF motion capture data. The user drags on the 2D plot space to create a sequence of postures that are created in realtime by inverting the transformation matrix of the dimensional reduction.

Audio Harmony Estimation using HHM trained on MIDI data


  • CSCI 1226 Introduction to Computing Science (2003–)
  • CSCI 1227 Computer Programming and Problem Solving (2003–)
  • CSCI 2356 Mobile App Development (2015–)
  • CSCI 3380 Information Visualization and Interaction (2020–)
  • CSCI 3475 Human Computer Interaction (2016–)
  • CSCI 3826 Multimedia Computing and Applications (2023–)
  • MCDA 5530 UI/UX Design and Quality Engineering (2016–)
  • MCDA 5550 Web, Mobile, and Cloud Application Development (2015–)


I studied jazz theory and performance (Saxophone) with Jim Brenan and received Music Diploma from Keyano College, AB. I performed in several theatre shows (on saxophones, clarinets, and guitars) and played regularly at local clubs and bars.

Though I have followed another career path, I continue to provide music for private parties and at bars/restaurants around the town (in duos and small groups, e.g.: this reggae/ska band)

I also provide music lessons (theory and performance) for students of all ages at all levels.


Dr. Yasushi Akiyama
Department of Mathematics & Computing Science
Saint Mary's University
923 Robie Street Halifax NS
Office: MN132