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The Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences (APICS) occasionally releases pertinent documents about high school mathematics in Atlantic Canada.

Errata and Suggestions for Improvement in the Mathematical Modeling Textbook Series, was released on the APICS web site on Friday November 1, 2002. This report lists errors in fact and emphasis, and suggests changes to incorporate in the next edition of the Mathematical Modeling textbook series.
The above report refers to the first edition of Mathematical Modeling released to schools (cover: mathematical symbols superimposed on an aerial photograph of farm fields). A second edition has since been released to schools (cover: dirt track through long grass). The new edition lists Dr. David Hamilton as statistical consultant, and chapter 5 has been rewritten: there are no technical errors; the non-standard boxplots have been removed, as have all references to chi-squared tests. There is still an over-emphasis on using calculator simulation, and some wordings are vague - which is difficult to avoid when big, abstract ideas are introduced to an inexperienced audience.

Some of the other errors in the book have been corrected.
Unfortunately, two new errors have been introduced on pages 117 and 126: discussion.

A more recent report, Errata and Suggestions for Improvement in the Constructing Mathematics Textbook Series, was released on May 14, 2003.

Both reports are readable with Adobe Acrobat reader, available from the Adobe support site.

Parents, teachers or students who are confused by something in the texts may wish to check out the errata document. If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the document, please send email to one of these two authors:

Dr. Maureen Tingley Dr. Robert Dawson
Dept of Math and Stat Dept of Math
UNB Fredericton Saint Mary's University
Fredericton Halifax

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