Proceedings of the 1999 APICS Math/Stats/CS Conference

Memorial University of Newfoundland
October 22-24, 1999

Virendra C. Bhavsar, Ali Akabar Ghorbani and Stephen Marsh, A Performance Evaluation of the ACORN Architecture

Colin Cherry, Shawn Wallace and Andre Trudel, An Adaptive Intranet Search Engine

Gerhard W. Dueck and Mark MacIsaac, Fixed Polarity Reed-Muller Expansions for 3-valued Logic

Kelda A. Farrell and David A. Pike, 6-Cycle Decompositions of the Cartesian Product of Two Complete Graphs

Darrell Lahey, MIchael Sullivan and Rod Byrne, A Wand Technique for Calibrating Two Cameras

David Morgan, Gracefully Labeled Trees from Skolem Sequences