If you are interested in registering a team from your school, but have not yet been contacted via the NSML mailing list, please send an email to the Halifax Region coordinator, John Irving.

To register for a Math League game in any region, please send an e-mail to your regional coordinator with the following information:

  • name of school
  • name of accompanying adult
  • names of four students

To help us plan for each game, we ask that you register in advance. Each region sets its own deadlines for registration; please check with your regional co-ordinator to find out what your region's deadline is.

There is no registration fee for the event. Schools may send more than one team, but we will ask that you abide by the following rule: if 4n students come, then n accompanying adults must come. Accompanying adults will be asked to help by distributing and collecting questions during the competition. No math skills are required.

We always welcome new teams, even part way through the year, so if your school has missed the first contest or two and would still like to participate, they are more than welcome.

Regional Co-ordinators